Connecting to the internet when you live in a motorhome is a topic that comes up a lot!

Despite traveling all over the country and spending a lot of time exploring new places- and finding new interests in familiar ones, I do indeed work every day. When your work is all based online, connectivity is a constant concern. You may notice that I spend more of my time in urban areas than boon docking on BLM land like some RVers, and staying connected, along with personal safety, is a major reason why.

I carry two different WiFi devices with me from different networks, but no matter what, it costs a lot in data. I do my best to use other people’s connections whenever possible (gratitude!!). Sure, you immediately think of Starbucks when you envision the world’s digital army getting their work done every day, but not only is this expensive in a different way, they’re not the most conducive environments for getting lots of focused work done. (Even the least expensive drink is over $2 and I don’t advocate going into a retail location like this and not buying something.)

How to Connect To The Internet When You Live In A Motorhome

This enthusiastic (!) library is in Boise, Idaho.

In comes the community public library. You’ll rarely encounter a library that doesn’t allow visitors to log onto their internet. There are usually various seating areas, from comfy club chairs to desk and chair combos. And, when you need some inspiration, just look around for an amazing array of resources!

Full disclosure: I am the daughter of a librarian/ professor of library science. So its in my blood. We were brought up to read, research and even play at the library. But most people don’t consider the branches outside of their community.

Google maps + “library” usually yields a few results near wherever I am. Pick one and point the Vespa or Ms Piggy and we’re good to go. I’ve yet to step into a library that wasn’t welcoming and suitable for getting work done. Bonus is the super fast internet connection.

I create a lot of videos, so even if I record and edit on my own connection, I try to wait until I’m at a library to upload. Connecting to the internet when you live in a motorhome requires some patience, but its all worth it, I promise.

Plus, if you are so inclined, there is usually a community board of activities, from movie nights to craft classes. Usually free or low-cost, these are great activities when traveling through a town.

Check out the library in the next area you visit and enjoy connecting to the internet when you live in a motorhome.