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In Fall 2020, I’ll be joining a group of riders on a mission:
To transform the ability of park rangers to protect their land.

Rally for Rangers has been operating in Mongolia, Argentina and Chile, and now for the first time, in the Kingdom of Bhutan.

Rally for Ranger Foundation’s mission is to protect the world’s special places one motorcycle at a time. We raise funds to purchase new motorbikes and gear for rangers— which they then use to patrol National Parks.

Why Do I Ride?

Traveling by 2 wheels gives me an incredible sense of peace as well as freedom. This is paired with my gratitude over our privilege to have public spaces all over the world. Being able to move through these beautiful lands is incredible.

But these spaces are at risk.

Having the opportunity to help a ranger do their job and see the special places they call home is a magical mission. And an expensive one, of course. I would appreciate your support, which goes toward the travel expenses, but most importantly, the purchase of a new Yamaha AG200 to be gifted to a ranger in Bhutan at the epic conclusion of our ride!


Donation Goal: $13,000 USD.

The Yamaha AG-200. The “AG” stands for agricultural, and this noble beast of burden was designed for hard work in remote areas with oil changes few and far between. It comes with full-complement racks, an enclosed chain, very long service intervals and a generally bombproof disposition.

*from Union Garage Ride Report

Gain Some Peace Yourself!

You may know that I’ve chosen to spend a significant amount of time among the manatees of Crystal River, FL. My first visit was magical, my second was necessary and my third is life-affirming. Spending time around these gentle beings has brought me mental peace and expansive love.

I want to share that with you!

As my thank you for supporting my ride with $40 or more, please accept a gift: I’m creating a 20 minute relaxation video, accompanied by binaural beats, of manatees hanging out in the water. You can watch this video – and listen to the music – any time you need deep relaxation. I use this to achieve restorative sleep and peace of mind.

This video will be delivered as a zip file and a link so you can download and watch at any time.

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