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From single logos to full scale websites, Jill has done it all. Each project is unique and completely focused on the desired outcome of the client. UltimateWPHelp.com helps the small business owner with an affordable WordPress solution. We also take on bigger projects, including full scale website design.

You’re busy. We get it. That is why Jill works with a team of staffers to create an action plan, research your potential areas for growth and impact, and put the ideas into action. We only take on a small roster of clients, for whom there is a mutual interest. Schedule a free 15 minute consultation to determine if we’re a good fit.


A deep and strategic thinker with a knack for identifying the specific key to unlock success, Jill can help you flesh out your business idea or come up with the next one. Available by the hour or on retainer, she works on a flexible basis to meet your needs for an extra set of eyes on the challenges you are looking to solve. Taking consulting clients on a limited basis, depending on project, scope and listening to her gut.

Schedule your 15 minute consultation to see if there is a good synergy.


About The Photo
IMG_20131020_114223_082Crater Lake in Oregon is a true national treasure.

A crystal clear lake, perfectly sunny day, and no cell or internet connection for 40 miles. Nothing to do but enjoy. Jerome couldn’t agree more!


Traveling around the USA on her motorcycle or living in a mini-motorhome or posting up in a Airbnb in a foreign country, Jill is a modern nomad living the digital dream. Balancing work and play on any given day, that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have time for you. In fact, it makes her that much more focused on helping others achieve their own version of their dream life.

Check out the journey on the Instagram and connect with Jill as you wish.


About The Photo
IMG_209730 years ago, Jill was the “poster child” for the US Space and Rocket Center’s Space Camp. Along with her camp-mate, David, their image was used in advertising and promotion for both the Camp and the Jetson’s Movie for almost a decade.

In an absolute fantastic geeky highlight of her travels, Jill got the chance to re-visit her beloved Space Camp and even recreate the photo. Some dreams really never should fade!Jill at Space Camp



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