It’s pretty obvious that I have a “thing” for cool rides, of both the two- (three!) and four-wheeled variety. I’m not the detail-oriented type that can give you all the specs on any given vehicle. I just know fabulous when I see it.

And, I did.

I was filling up Ms Piggy (oh, that takes a while!) and a Model T pulled up on the other side of the pump. I asked the driver if I could take a pic and he agreed but told me he was in a rush and already late. I didn’t know for what.

Just your average fill-up next to a Model T.... !!!!

Just your average fill-up next to a Model T…. !!!!

Then I looked up… and saw another one. And another one. And then a Studebaker and a Pierce Arrow and…

They were heading down the road, so I followed them. Ends up they were gathering in a lot on their way to a show. I’m not too proud to say I stalked them and then hovered and babbled.

I think you can see why (be patient while the slideshow loads… it’s chock full of goodies!):

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