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The 2008 Vespa GTS was acquired in a trade in Connecticut, so I popped in to Scooter Centrale/ Vespa Hartford to get a front rack.

I was greeted by Megan who is super knowledgeable about all things scooter related. One intended accessory purchase turned into kitting out the whole bike. I never expected to find everything I needed in-stock at one location, so this was an awesome surprise. Their inventory is extensive and on point, both scooters and everything one needs to go along with riding.

Top case, saddlebags, front rack, crash bars, security device, even a fun keychain. They had it all. They advised me to get CrampBusters, which have ended up to be priceless.

Timing was perfect, as they were having their Mod Monkey Garage Night and the topic was… installing accessories. So I returned later that evening to have the Vespa done up. Check out the episode:


Peter and Mike, the service technicians, were very professional and technically skilled. I was given advise on different choices, everything was put on with care and we had a ton of fun. I was impressed with everything about this Vespa shop!

I was taking a test run up to Maine and back so we decided to hold off on service/ oil change and new tires until I was on the way back. Yeah, that was the plan.

The next day, as I was heading north, I got a flat. On a Saturday at 4:30pm. An incredible fellow rider got me back to the shop (story in another post!) and Peter and Megan waited for me, even though this was past their hours. How fantastic is that? New tires and I was once again on my way.

If you are anywhere in this area, far or close, do not hesitate to head to Vespa Hartford/ Scooter Centrale. You will be well taken care of, I am certain.

Special shout out to the relatively new owner, Dr Michael Maroon. He is moving this long-standing shop forward with some terrific touches, a fun vibe and a great group camaraderie. He’s been smart to retain Peter and Megan, they are stellar. And, he can apply stickers like no one I’ve ever seen.