What a pleasure to be back on the road! We flew back from NYC to San Jose, where Ms Piggy Motorhome had been parked waiting patiently for us for 3 weeks. She was totally fine, if just a bit dirty, and ready for adventure.

2013-10-09 07.44.23

Jerome, Ms Piggy and my fun Iris Apfel sunnies all make for a great re-start to the journey!

I had been worried about the front end alignment, and after some false starts, found a great service location to take care of it. Best part? While we had to wait 2 hours to be seen, we carry our home office with us, so I was able to get work done.

Amazing Overnight Locations- Again!

Our last time through this area, a friend recommended I take Skyline Blvd, which basically runs parallel and in between PCH/ Rt 1 and the 280. Gorgeous drive, so I was looking forward to it again. At the end, it bisects Rt 92, which runs toward Half Moon Bay and there is a terrific Vista Point with views of the Valley and beyond. Unless otherwise posted, you can park for up to 8 hours at a Vista Point in California, so we took advantage and spent the night!

Off to Half Moon Bay in the morning to make use of their fantastic community library then up to San Francisco. Ms Piggy is driving better with her newly aligned front end, I’m driving better now that I feel better and the trip up was more relaxed than the first time I did it.

Half Moon Bay has a terrific community library, which allows me to use internet and charge the many devices. Thank HMB taxpayers!!

Half Moon Bay has a terrific community library, which allows me to use internet and charge the many devices. Thank HMB taxpayers!!

Since I still marvel that I can sleep at the edge of the Golden Gate Bridge, that was our destination. I am actually on the way through Sacramento and then north, but the slightly long way around San Fran was well worth it to enjoy that view one more time.

Odometer Flipping

It was just before the bridge that I noted the odometer was about to flip and decided to snap a pic and post a contest on our Facebook page (are you a fan? Make sure to Like us, and Jerome thanks you!)

Most of you probably don’t know this, but Ms Piggy was built custom in 1978 by an enthusiastic outdoorsman. However, he passed away less than 5 years later at which point his widow put the motorhome, along with most of his belongings, into storage. And just over a year ago, she was pulled out of storage and brought back to life.

So, the answer to what milestone we are reaching on Ms Piggy is actually 20,000 miles! That’s right, her age doesn’t really match up with her usage, so she has just 20K miles on her. This was a prime factor in my excitement to get her.

Just 20K miles on Ms Piggy, that's it!

Just 20K miles on Ms Piggy, that’s it!

If you were one of the 8 people to guess correctly, please send me an email to jsessa@sidekickhq.com with your postal address so we can send you a postcard from our travels! Thanks for playing along and look for more contests along the way.

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Thanks, all!

We’re posting this from Lodi, CA thanks to another great Harvest Hosts location… off for another fantastic day of wineries and farm stands. Thanks for following along.