I’m basically a turtle. I carry my home on my back! Which also means I have no set home, except for the mini-rv we live in. I’m really enjoying living a mobile lifestyle, but there are some aspects that need to be taken care of in order to embark on this “unconventional” lifestyle. (Actually, I don’t think it is as unconventional as we make it out to be, I’ve met plenty of people who do the same.)

Living A Mobile Lifestyle Detail: Mail

Mail is still something we all deal with- despite the ever dwindling use of the postal service. Some things just can’t be sent online. The first thing I needed to arrange when I decided to give up my apartment was a mailing address. But also a mailing service, so that I could receive the important pieces I needed to physically have as well as keep an eye on things.

This was the first time I actually stepped foot in SD!

This was the first time I actually stepped foot in SD!

I researched for a few months, looking at what other younger rv’ers do, weighing my options and best choices for my parameters. This coupled with deciding to move out of New York, both as far as legal residency and actually physically moving away.

So, surprise! My new “home” is…. Madison, South Dakota!

Why South Dakota?

I settled on South Dakota for 4 reasons: Friendliness toward those living a mobile life. Fair and equitable taxes and fee structure. Vehicles can be registered without appearing in the state. And… a couple of the coolest people I know happen to live there! Besides, isn’t handing someone a South Dakota license way more of a conversation starter than one from the Empire State?

The handling of mail is so important that I wanted to make sure I was entrusting this to the right hands. I chose MyDakotaAddress.com and Terri Lund, the owner, has been a delight. Responsive and efficient, friendly and helpful. She’s able to deal with more than just mail, so registering vehicles and other tasks can also be done through their service. Honestly, just to have someone else sort the mail and deal with a majority of it… worth every penny.

For those times when I do need to be actually in attendance, SD is also near enough to the middle of the country, that I can make my way there from wherever I happen to be. I’m a believer in doing one’s part, so for instance, I’m happy to do jury duty, shall I be called. I also love places that have seasons. While I may not want to stay there all winter, I’m happy to be around when it is snowing or when the sun is shining.

Now you know that the word “home” for us means two things: our current parking location and our place of legal residence. Sometimes… the two may be one and the same.

And, today, we actually visited our new home state for the very first time when we crossed from Wyoming into South Dakota. And made the requisite trek to the amazingness that is Mt. Rushmore.


Thanks to a group of guys, we were able to get this actual real hot

Thanks to a group of guys, we were able to get this actual real photo (not a selfie!)

Have any questions about mail service, why we chose this state or other aspects of living a mobile lifestyle? Please do get in touch!
Ride on!