An interesting thing about taking on a ride of this magnitude is that it is actually impossible to plan. Sure, there is a general outline, but the surest way to make sure your plans don’t happen is to make them! Weather, mechanical issues, meeting cool peeps whom I want to spend more time with, these all can throw a schedule off kilter.

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But we made pretty awesome time from NYC to Oklahoma, here’s a roundup:

Day 1: Williamsburg, Brooklyn to Edison, NJ. The goal was to simply make it out of NYC proper in a break of clear-ish weather.

Day 2: State College, PA. And one after another torrential downpours.

Day 3: Cleveland, OH, a shop visit and service at Pride of Cleveland Scooters in Lakewood and then an unexpected and totally awesome overnight with a friend’s family in Medina, OH.

Day 4: Epic ride along Defiance Pike through OH, with a stop at Independence Dam… on Independence Day.

Day 5: On to St Louis and a late night pull-in to the beautiful home of a long-time friend from my Buffalo university and fitness days. Nothing like over a dozen years passing by in a flash and re-connecting and recharging.

Day 6: Left St Louis with the intention of visiting Vespa St Louis, but they were closed, so on to Branson, MO. This leg requires it’s own blog post… when I’m ready to tell. We did see the World’s Largest Rocking Chair- Rt 66 has begun!

Day 7: Stayed put in Branson at a terrific motel, enjoyed the Branson Scenic Railway and a relaxing day sitting by a lake. Afternoon nap was in order and stayed another night.

Day 8: Left early in the morning, through Arkansas and into Oklahoma, with a stop at the Blue Whale right before calling it a day in Tulsa. Winds have become prohibitive.

Day 9: Took an entire day to ride the 130 miles to OKC, with classic Rt 66 stops at Rock Cafe and the impressive Seaba Station Motorcycle Museum.

Day 10: Stayed put in OKC and had a fun visit at Harkey’s Machine Scooter Shop… in addition to getting lots of work done for clients and this here website up and running (finally!)

Day 11: Still in OKC. Some decisions to be made based on the wind, stay tuned!