2013-07-12 09.28.39This trip isn’t about pinching pennies, but a nice benefit of driving a Vespa is the fuel economy!

I average 66 miles per gallon (and love that this is the number!)

The winds across the SouthWest have been so brutal. The decrease down to 50 mpg tells that story all too well.

Best tip I received about filling up a modern Vespa is to take the gas cap and use it to prop up the under-seat bin while you fill up. Keeps the splash from entering your case. Almost impossible to fill a Vespa gas tank without spilling!


keep it clean

Detail from a vintage Cushman scooter, for sale at Seaba Station.

For my own records, I take a photo of my odometer and the gas pump at each fill. Makes for a fun look back… and I can smile at the fuel economy!

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