The kind of day that has me in awe from the very start. Can’t believe it is only mid-day.

THIS is what happens when you open yourself up to the extraordinary…

2013-07-12 05.45.23



Packing up in the wee hours to catch first light, I was sent on my way with a pleasant “That is quite an accomplishment, young lady.” Hey, it felt good, I’ll even take the ageist and sexist remark rolled into one!



Before we even left Oklahoma, we enjoyed a gorgeous morning ride starting at Elk City and ate breakfast at the Tumbleweed Cafe in Texola (stay tuned for her website… she asked me to give her a proposal!)

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On into Texas, and random meet up with the Wild Hogs from Pennsylvania. (apparently there is a movie I need to watch, didn’t get the reference, but was thrilled to get honorary status.) Took a bunch of photos and wished my mom a happy birthday from the road. (I think it’s her 34th… again.)

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Writing this now from Cowboy Gelato in Amarillo, (can it really get any better than that combo?!?!) with a hoped for end in NM at Tucumcari where I’ve been told there are lots of fabulous classic motels.