We interrupt this silent blog with a new post! We’ve been in NY since mid-February, tending to family and business. Our rolling home is in California getting some more repairs and upgrades. Posts to come about Olive the RV.

One more week in NY before we head back and are re-united with Olive. Contemplative.

Thinking about stuff and possessions and space this morning. A bit overwhelmed by the “too muchness” of it all.

Things like: I purchased a third pair of jeans while I’ve been here. That means that one of the other pairs will have to go.

I didn’t NEED a third pair of jeans. But there’s something about having more space in which to put things that means the space gets filled. I hemmed and hawed over a new cardigan. It’s really lovely so I decided to keep it. The kind of piece I can wear a few days a week, casual or dressier, cool or moderate temps. The sweet spot I now seek. Now I’m doing the mental configuration of what it will replace. Someone admired one of my other sweaters, I hope they’ll enjoy having it.

Here at my parents’ house, I can keep it all. In my chosen home, I’ve got only a certain amount of storage. Yet, amazingly {insert sarcasm here}, I am never without anything to wear while I’m traveling.

Spent 30 minutes this morning cleaning for the cleaning people.

I think cleaning for the cleaning people is the most ironic first world privileged problem ever, don’t you? They are only even necessary because we have too much stuff, too much space. Found items I didn’t remember having here, duplicates even, since more space means more places for items to hide.

I’ve felt the consumerism in every corner while back in NY. Walking around Manhattan the other day was an exercise in overwhelm. What do we need it all for? What’s the point? Nobody looked happier for it. In fact, it was rare to see a smile. They rushed in and out of store doorways, full bags, onto the next. Is it style or trend or peer pressure that makes us do it? All of the above and more. I just no longer feel it.

Someone the other day asked me “What’s it like to be back in the real world?”

Wow, if this was the only version of the real world that exists, we have a real problem.