Meandering through the Northwest

A month ago, we arrived back in California and began our journey northward. Having spent so much time on the coast, I decided to go a bit more interior, then head West again to hit Vancouver, WA to visit a friend.

The landscape of the high desert is a constant surprise to me, as are the towns and small cities along the way. Beautiful vistas, incredibly friendly people, well-planned communities. And of course, plenty of great wine!


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Ms Piggy is totally capable of handling cooler weather, as there is a propane heater that warms the tiny space up within minutes. The temperature drops overnight, though, reminded me that one particular destination I must make by mid-November is going to be very cold. Then, it will be on to more moderate temps. I’ve always been a fan of 72 degrees, so that’s basically the weather I’m going to chase.

Weather Effect

The gloom on the coast was really, really getting to me. I’ve now driven to Boise, ID, where the sun is shining and I’m a much happier camper.

Jerome checking out the Depot in Boise, ID

Jerome checking out the Depot in Boise, ID

But I’m also happier because I’ve been allowing myself to truly grieve and get through the emotions that have bubbled over the past 10 days or so. Sharing what I was going through was not easy- I like to think of myself as a cheery person in other’s view- but in sharing, I was also able to get the support I desperately needed.

It’s interesting, this chosen life on the road. I truly cherish being alone so much of the time. I’m comfortable in my own skin, can occupy myself without feeling self-conscious anywhere I go and enjoy meeting new people. Yet that doesn’t mean that I can survive without connecting deeply with others. Making the effort to meet some “online friends” in person has been worth it. I’ve been getting a bit fatigued with social media, so shutting off the constant streams and truly engaging with people is filling my soul back up.

Social Media- A Double Edged Sword

More and more people are telling me that social media is “getting” to them- one person called it a necessary evil. I don’t think it is evil, yet I’m going to be making a more conscious effort to disconnect. It can be a bit of a trap for me, in being along, I turn to the social streams to do just that, socialize. Yet, I’m traveling through great communities and there are plenty of “real life” people to connect with. Balance… that’s a priority for me now.

New Contest!

In celebration of a month being truly location independent, here’s another mileage contest.
Winner gets a personalized postcard from our trip and a treat from somewhere we’ve enjoyed visiting!

How many miles have we driven since we arrived back in San Francisco area and the odometer tripped to 20000? I’ve described our path and we’re now in Boise, Idaho.

2013-11-07 mileagecontest

Comment below with your answer by Monday night at 7pm EST… and I’ll be announcing the winner through the newsletter, so make sure you are subscribed!