Tech Start UpPrincipal

Working with a wizard coder as a partner, Jill’s team is breaking new ground and re-vamping much needed processes we all use. Believe me, it will make your life easier.

Professional SpeakerEngaging presentations

Inform and entertain your sales team, networking group or business association. Book Jill to speak for sessions ranging from 20 mins to 2 days on the topics of ‘Why Wait?’, ‘Tame the Social Media Monsters and Personality Sales Training.
After traveling across the country on a Vespa, Jill now travels the US in a small motorhome, delighting people everywhere with her tales of the road and inspiring those she meets to stop waiting and get moving. For more on her trip, head to Vespa and A Laptop.

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ConsultantStrategy and Implementation

In this new landscape of marketing and relationship building, work with Jill to identify your best plan of action. Whether you need some quick insight, want to do most of the work with some assistance, or hand it all over to someone else, plans are available to suit you.
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