Tiny house, mobile lifestyle, small space living.

These have all interested me for quite a while. When I downsized from my house to small apartment, I was inspired by many blogs and articles. Jay Schafer, originally of Tumbleweed and now Four Lights was one of the biggest sources of information.

Yet, I had actually yet to see a tiny home in person!

Our time in Northern California afforded me a rare chance to see a whole bunch of them at the same time. The Sonoma County Fair was hosting a Tiny Town.

With examples ranging from currently occupied homes to student projects to new plan reveals, it was a tiny house enthusiast’s dream spot. Many people moved in and out of the minuscule spaces, most unable to imagine that they were more than carnival attractions.

Then there were those of us who lay awake nights thinking of such spaces. We were easy to spot.

We were the ones asking questions about plumbing and systems and appliances. Measuring spaces with our hands and arms. Quizzing each builder or owner about particular choices.

While a tiny home is adorable to me, they don’t actually fulfill my desire to move around. Although built on wheels, this is more for size and zoning regulation fulfillment than actual movement. They can withstand seasonal trailering, but you wouldn’t want to move them daily.

The time spent made me more aware of my choices with the motorhome and solidified my desire to live in one. Yet, my ultimate goal motorhome is still one I’ve not set foot in, but have swooned over from a distance.

Note: the door behind the cab is for a Vespa!

Note: the door behind the cab is for a Vespa!

All the more reason to get to work!

Enjoy some shots… they aren’t easy to get, being as you rarely have more than 5 feet max between a camera lens and the subject. But hopefully you’ll find them to be fun! (be patient while the slideshow loads…)

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