It hardly seems like it could be two months since I’ve last seen Brooklyn- and yet it seems like such a long time ago. The twists and turns, ups and downs, awe and heartbreak.

Now that I own a mini-motorhome and no longer have the (minor) annoyance of unpacking every night just to pack up again the next morning, I am as relaxed as I’ve been in quite a long time. There is very little stress in finding where I’ll spend the night, since I’ve set myself up with a whole bunch of resources to find accommodations. And, I have no deadlines, so I can meander and wander wherever I care.

I’m living a dream existence, apparently, as I’m told this by so many people that I meet. “Wow, I wish I could do that!

Why can’t you?” is my standard reply.

I don’t think I am doing anything remarkable, but it seems my brain is programmed differently than most, so I guess I’m coming to the realization that few people think they can make the kind of choices I’ve made. I’m truly not sure why that is. Are we so ingrained to live in “one” way that it seems that there is no other road?

I’ve written previously that I’ve got few situational obligations, but it is not as if I have none whatsoever. At the middle of this month, I’ll put Ms Piggy into storage for a couple of weeks while I fly back to NYC to fulfill one such obligation. Not begrudgingly. It’s simply what must be done. It’ll give me a chance to catch up on my apartment, collect mail, grab a few items that I wish I had (and most likely clear out a whole bunch that now I’m sure I don’t need) and see family and friends.

Remember, I didn’t leave NYC with any fanfare. I didn’t share with most anyone what was in my head for quite a long time.

I intend to live on the road for a while.

Possibly, this is starting to sink in for those closest to me. They certainly don’t “get” it, but no one is giving me a hard time. To know me is to put up with my moods and meanderings. This isn’t anything new.

The concerns that have been expressed are around:

1. How I must be dealing with losing Purl. Truth? I’m devastated, but also moving along, the moments of sobbing are often soothed by Jerome. She’s not replaceable, nor are the experiences we’ve had together. But all in all, I’m actually doing fine. Accidents happen, just wish they didn’t happen to us…

2. When do I plan to get home? Well, home is a moveable feast right now. Really miss me? Come visit, I’ll plan us a grand adventure. I’ve got room for another, my mom can attest.

Great traveling partner, this is my mom!

Great traveling partner, this is my mom!

3. Where will I park the motorhome in NYC? Again… won’t be spending much time there, but the cool thing is, they have these things called streets and parking lots even in New York! This figured into my choice of vehicle, it will all be fine.

4. And how is Sidekick doing? I have an incredible business partner. We’ve both taken it easy over the summer, but work has continued. We’ll be going full-force with a huge new project and an interesting new client now that it’s September. But the beauty of what we do is that I can work anywhere. I just need to stay focused and get work done every day. (Today, for instance, it is Labor Day in the States, a holiday for most. But when every day of my life is partial holiday, it also needs to be partial work, therefore writing this.) That’s certainly not always easy. Have you seen some of the places I’ve explored??? Distractions abound.

There is no mission, big lesson or task my travels are all about. If I inspire anyone with how I live, of that I am glad. I am not doing anything that can’t be done by anyone else. So I guess that is my big lesson. Dream of doing something that is, in all actuality, totally doable? Then, for goodness sake, make it happen! You are not promised tomorrow, this is just about the only thing of which I am certain in this life.

I hope you are enjoying our stories, photos and quirky moments shared. I like that I can indulge my loner self and still have so many people along with me on the journey. Truly grateful for those of you who are letting me know you are around.