Scooter Cover Product Review:

The Platinum Shield Scooter Cover has now been in constant use for over 4 months and I can highly recommend it. Read my review below and contact me if you have specific questions.


After a cross-the-US trip where my Vespa 250cc GTI was my primary vehicle, it now sits on the hitch carrier behind my RV to be used once I get to a destination. Sitting behind a large vehicle over many miles can be a messy affair! I had purchased a cover at a big box store, but that quickly went to shreds and I got rid of it within months as too much hassle.

Then, end of last summer, I was contacted about testing out a scooter cover. While doesn’t recommend nor sell their covers for use while on a motorhome, they were aware that was my intention. The description of the material sounded a lot like the high quality car covers my father uses on his sports cars, so I agreed to have them send me a cover in exchange for a review. I was not paid for this review beyond receiving the cover and made it clear to them that I had carte blanche on what I would write.

The Scooter Cover:

I was given a choice of whichever cover in their line that I would like to try out. I, of course, went with their highest quality, the Platinum Shield Scooter Cover. I have a large top box (37L) and was concerned about proper fit over the rear box and frame. They assured me that the covers were designed with this in mind.

scooter-cover-packageThe scooter cover arrived in a small box, neatly packed in a plastic bag, but also its own cinch bag. This is made out of the same material as the cover and is a nice way to store the scooter cover when not in use. The material is substantial, with a fleece lining, quite a difference from the previous cover I had purchased for only half the cost. The shape is specifically designed to fit the top case as well as the mirrors. Note, they also sell the cover in variations to fit windshields as well as all sized scooters (along with their motorcycle, car and RV covers.)

Scooter Cover Features that Impressed Me Right Away:

buckle-under-scooter-coverThe strap to brace under the frame of the scooter to keep the cover intact is wide with a high quality buckle.

Gussets in the section of the cover that would go over the mirrors and handlebars with overlapping fabric to prevent water from getting inside.

scooter-cover-interior-liningProtective lining fabric on vulnerable areas.

The fleece is very soft, yet doesn’t appear to pill or shed.

Elastic edging around the front and rear bottom edges to give a secure fit. On my particular Vespa, the front elastic is at the perfect length to secure the cover down under the fender.

The front and back are clearly marked and this makes putting the cover on an easy one person job.

A few less than fab points:

The first time I put the cover on, I went to secure it with a bungee cord to the grommets that are placed along the bottom edge. These are made of plastic and broke right away. They offered to send me a new grommet, but I didn’t even think it was necessary. The built in strap is more than adequate to secure the cover, is adjustable and easy to use.

The middle portion of the cover right behind the handlebars is just too big. The abundance of fabric means that if it rains, a puddle is created right over the leg pass-through section and it is annoying to move the water off. I have tried every which way to tug the cover tighter so that this sagging doesn’t occur, to no avail.


When my Vespa is on the carrier, the front wheel is in the straight position (unlike when you park and lock the bike, when you would usually turn the wheel to the side for security) so this should give the best profile for the cover to sit properly. I just think this section is oversized. The contour for the top box and the gussets for the handlebars and mirrors have too much fabric in between.

How I’ve turned this one less than fab point into a positive:

I also travel with a hybrid bike. The cover is large enough, that both fit under it. While this is great for me, it shows that the cover is oversized.

OliveRV at Emerson with Scooter Cover

Thanks to Emerson Vineyards in Oregon for the fabulous accommodations!

My Rating of The Scooter Cover from

I’ve now used this cover for about 4 months and am quite pleased and would give it a 9 out of 10. At one point, I had to leave my Vespa for almost a month and when I returned, the cover was in just the placement in which I’d left it, there was no dust under the cover and the fabric was still just as good as new. Recently, I’ve been in the Pacific North West during horrible wet weather and the cover has protected my scooter completely. Except for having to maneuver the middle section to let the accumulated water run off, the cover has kept my ride dry and relatively dust free. There are a few places on the outside of the cover that have worn off a bit from being rubbed on the frame of my motorhome tire carrier – however, they do not intend for the cover to be on a moving vehicle. That being said, I am rather impressed with how well it has held up. I can expect that I will get quite a long lifetime from the cover and would consider it to be a good investment.

Had I researched and found this scooter cover and bought it on my own, I would be truly happy with the purchase. They are currently listing this top-of-the line cover at a substantial sale, so I think it is an unbelievable value. Honestly, their full retail would also be worth the investment. If you love your scooter as much as I love my Vespa, it is nice to get an accessory
that can make your investment last longer by keeping it clean and protected.

Here’s the exact cover I am now using daily:

Compensation note: I was not paid to write this review, but did receive the cover from at no expense to me. Links in this review are not affiliate links, however, I do have affiliate links in other sections of the site and articles for which I may be compensated if you click on the link and decide to purchase. That’s cool and helps us all, thanks!