Today’s post was supposed to be about waking up for the first time in my new-to-me motorhome. Instead it is about waking up without my faithful companion by my side.

I’m devastated. In the blink of an eye, I lost Purl yesterday.

One moment, giggling with my friends and about to move “Ms Piggy” onto level ground. Run to the house to grab the keys and open the door to find Purl lying just inside with a broken neck.

Who knows what happened and no one is to blame. It was simply a tragic accident.

But my heart… oh, it hurts.

I’ve chosen to live an epic life, and have asked her to come along for the ride. She happily complied and if dogs could talk… the stories she would have shared!

In 5 1/2 years, she experienced more than most humans do in a lifetime. I can’t regret a single moment of it.

In time, I’ll share more, but right now, its taking all of my power to even type this. A bit of the wind has blown out of my journey’s sail. I’ll regain my footing and move forward, but a piece of my heart will always be with that tiny dog who thought she was huge, the most amazing travel partner a scooter chick could ask for.

Purl “The Cutest Yorkie” 11/16/07- 8/10/13 RIP, dear one. It was a wonderful ride.

Some of my favorite images from a life well lived, enjoy. If you care to comment, I’d love to hear something about our journey that you’ve gotten a kick out of.

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