Traveling Light But Still Stylish

As a woman traveling on two wheels, I’ve thought long about my wardrobe. I tend toward casual (years in the fitness industry ensured that) but also love to throw on a dress or skirt. I find them to be more comfortable than almost anything.

Every inch matters when you are literally carrying everything with you. So here’s what I did:


Prep Trip

In April, I put my bike on Amtrak and took only what would fit into the paniers. Over 15+ days of travel, I honed my choices.

Then, I got back to Brooklyn and took a box the total volume of what I’d be able to carry on my Vespa and put all of what I thought I’d want for the summer. I will be in the super hot temps but also spending a fair amount of time in the NorthWest, so that informed my choices.

The Packing Box

I then lived out of just that box for about a week. Surprisingly, I removed a fair number of items and only added a handful.

Here is something funny: 5 days into this current journey, I stopped at a UPS store and gathered up a few belongings that I realized I wasn’t going to need. 75% of them were what I added to the box at the last minute!

My now friend Roxi of Angelrox makes clothing that is right up my alley. I wish I could bring my entire selection of her clothes, but just a few pieces are enough to create any look I want or need.

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Here’s the list:

Long sleeve performance type shirt (Patagonia) with a half zip

Green sweatshirt/jacket

Black Angelrox Wrap

Brown and gray Angelrox Flirt

Black Angelrox Playsuit


Gray performance pants that convert to capris

White shorts

Black stripe Angelrox ballet top

Gray sleeveless top

White Union Garage tee-shirt (represent the home crew!)

2 Angelrox Hourglass (multi-functional top/ skirt/ scarf pieces)

Colorful scarf

Black tankini suit

4 pairs underwear/ 2 Bratops

superlight nightgown that can also be worn at the pool/ hanging out

2 cooling Uniqlo tops as underlayers

3 pairs Smart Wool socks

Cooling vest and cloths


Ankle high riding boots

Blue ballet flat

Brown flip-flops

Revit riding jacket with zip-out liner that can also be a windjacket on it’s own.

Revit riding pants. These are the important safety pieces with padding and “armor”

10 weeks or so on the road (maybe longer or shorter, only time will tell). I have another secret for keeping my wardrobe fun and interesting, future post.