I’ve not been as regular with this blogging as I’d like- too busy adventuring, I guess. So I decided to treat myself for my birthday and update all my own websites, launch a new product and put my own digital house in order. Why not? Allow me to indulge in some updates, longish post ahead, I’m sure.

Riverbend Park in Bed, Oregon

Travel: We’re in the Northwest, the opposite side of this fantastic country from where I began. The weather has been truly cooperative and the daily gifts of color and long views and interesting landscapes have been splendid. I am such a biased Northeasterner, so I had no idea I’d be in for such a treat to spend the peak leaf changing season here.
Lee and Jill Stadium Portland Japanese GardenI’ve seen several “Facebook friends” in person and had a long awaited visit with one of my best friends from Buffalo days, who now lives in Washington State. Delightful times!

New “Home”: I’ve officially moved out of New York in more ways than one- I have an actual address in another state. More on that in the next couple of weeks, but its in a place no one would expect, I’m sure!

New Home for the Site: As a web designer, I can’t help but try out new toys. This is a new theme for us here on the Vespa and a Laptop site- easier to navigate, a bit more traditional than what we’ve had. Hope you like it!

Work: Two weeks ago, my business partner and I came to a (not as painful as you’d think) decision to shut down one of our web applications. The business was going to turn into a life we didn’t enjoy, and that goes against everything we both stand for. But, we’ve got the next step already in place and I’m happy to announce PDFBuddy.com– the simple to use, web-based PDF editor that we’ve dreamed of. Go ahead and give it a whirl and tell me what you think!

Plus Another New Service: And if you run a website on WordPress, you’ll be happy to hear about our new boutique style assistance service. For just about what you’d pay for an hour of my time, you can have a whole year of “Peace of mind” backups, tutorials, monthly personal help time and more. If it’s not your need, I’d love if you’d pass this along to someone you know who stresses over their website: UltimateWPHelp.com

Celebrations: This time last year, all of the plans for a much anticipated 40th birthday celebration were falling apart because of the impending “Superstorm Sandy.” I’ve been as restless as that storm ever since, I think! Today is my birthday, and if you know me for even one second you’ll understand that I don’t take the turning of the calendar lightly, nor with trepidation. A day to celebrate waking up yet again, being surrounded by amazing, thoughtful family members and friends, even if from afar, and getting to live my dream life every single day. There’s no need for a grand gesture when each day is pretty epic, so I’ll head to a museum I’ve been reading about, take advantage of my Starbucks birthday “reward” and hang out with Jerome. Just as perfect as I need it to be.

Jerome at Multnomah Falls, Oregon

Thanks for indulging in this frenetic update, more travel pics coming this week- wait until you see Fall/ Falls! You’re awesome for being interested!