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While I had few plans on the Vespa trip, it was always intended that I’d ride through Joshua Tree National Park and toward Los Angeles. The “Arizona” segment made this not quite possible, but I was intrigued with the famed national park nonetheless.

It did not disappoint.

By the way, would any kid of the 80’s know of this place were it not for Bono?

My mom flew in to meet me for a week. She’s an experienced traveller, from camping through much of the US back in the 70’s and 80’s to more posh trips to Europe in the present day. But I knew Joshua Tree was going to be a stretch.

The desert, in August, who does that??? Jill and Sheryl, that’s who!

Worth every drop of sweat.

What an incredible place. I truly urge you to make the trip, nothing I write or photos I show can do it justice.

From the unusually shaped “Joshua” Trees to the various sculptural rock formations, stretching across the bottom of the Mojave and the top of the Colorado Deserts. Miles and miles to drive or hike or simply stand and stare. My eyes have been stretched in many ways on this trip, but Joshua Tree might have been the biggest exercise for them of all.

We finished the trip by continuing along the rest of Route 66, which winds through San Bernardino, Pasadena and into Santa Monica (yes, I finally earned my California 66 sticker!) then stayed the night on the beach at Dockweiler State Park, which sits right under LAX. A shock to the system to go from Joshua Tree to citrus groves! Truly running the gambit of Southern California scenery.

Each National Park I’ve ever visited has been a wonder in its own right, but Joshua Tree is stellar. Figure out a way to visit… and if it is on your own bike, make sure to invite me for the ride.