We zoom through this life so fast. Always in a rush. Speed limits being increased as our technology can handle roads more safely.

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“You ride that thing on the highway?”

Probably a question- or rather, an incredulous statement- that I hear two to three times a day. Sometimes on the route I’ve chosen, highways are the only way to move West. But, I’d always prefer not to be on the highway.

Safety and speed are certainly part of the reason why. Vespa against 18 Wheeler. Not fun.

But life doesn’t happen on the highway. It happens on all of the little scenic routes along the way.

Where kids have their first lemonade stand and people sit and chat at diners and dreams are spun out of thin air. Where smiling at someone in the next vehicle can actually be noticed. And looking up and out rewards you at every turn.

It might not always be possible, but every now and then, give yourself a break from the rush. Find a new way to get somewhere. Notice things. Allow a stranger to smile at you, and return it without second thought. Let the pace ease off just a bit. After all, what’s the point of it all?