When I was visiting Vespa Hartford, I had the pleasure of working with Megan on making some accessory purchases. I made a dent in their inventory, for sure, and will review some of the products in the future.

The single best tip was to get Cramp Busters. So simple in design, but so helpful for keeping control of the throttle with ease. I decided to get one for each handlebar, since my left wrist has been problematic since a few bad days with the vintage bike.

One of the aspects I like the best is that the position can be changed so easily. There are times when I am running along at 55+ mph for a while, but then hit slower stretches. The ease of moving the position means I can adjust for the different throttle angles quickly and without even letting go of the handlebars.

Even if you aren’t doing long distances, I think you will enjoy how the Cramp Busters relax your hands and allow you to change up your grip. Very inexpensive accessory that gives a terrific bang for the buck.

Be careful, though, you can unintentionally hit the paddle portion and accelerate, so make sure you are aware of its presence.

See you on the road!